HEAVY DAYS con VINCENZO PRESUTTI del 17-12-2019 con intervista agli Hour of Penance

Marcus King – The Well
Slipknot – Nero Forte
Hour of Penance – Blight and Conquer
Hour of Penance – Lamb of the Seven Sins
Hour of Penance – Occult Den of Snakes
Apocalyptica – Rise
Ozzy Osbourne – Under the Graveyard
Health + Xiu Xiu – Delicious Ape
Gone is Gone – No One Ever Walked on Water
Body Count – Carnivore
Fever 333 – Vandals
The Hu – Wolf Totem (feat Jacoby Shaddix)
Rival Sons – Do Your Worst
Deaf Radio – Colours
Life in the Woods – Nothing Is
Otu – Peter