Thursday the new Friday con Sanja Babic

Ecco il podcast e la scaletta di “Thursday the new Friday” del 12/04/18

Lou Barlow “Love intervene”
Kim Janssen “Host”
Great Lake Swimmers “The talking wind”
Astral Swans “WhatsApp are you gonna do with yourself”
Amusement Parks On Fire “All’ the new ends”
Peace “From under liquid glass”
Launder “Keep you close”
Amaya Laucirica “All’ of our time”
Laetitia Sadier “Love captive”
Teresa Wayman TT “I’ve been fine”
Hannah Epperson “Circles (Amelia)
Grouper “Driving”
Christina Vantzou “Domenica limited and wanning memory”
Zinovia Arvanitidi “Fluttering”
Luke Howard “Notturne”
a Hawk and a Hacksaw “The magico spring”
Jessica Risker “I see you among the stars”
Harriet Wheeler “Leave this city”
Thalia Zedek “Winning hand”
Gengahr “Whole again”
Locust Fudge “Relativity Check”
Joseph Arthur & Peter Buck (Arthur Buck) “I am the moment”