Thursday the new Friday, 29/03/18

Ecco la scalletta e il podcast di “Thursday the new Friday” del 29/03/18:

Janis Ian “She must bè beautiful”
Cat Power “Moonshiner”
Nu Nog Even Niet “Houston”
Jolie Holland “Old fashioned morphine”
Sam Amidon “Bright sunny south”
Daniel Gadd “Someways, down the highway”
Beautify Junkyards “Sybil’s Dream”
Mersault “Another”
Kepler “The National epithet”
Nada Surf “Inside offline love”
joasihno “Ohh boy”
Notwist “Your signs”
Floating Points “Reflections”
Porya Hatamy &AROVANE “Un”
Poppy Ackroyd “Stems”
??? Park Jiha “Longing od the yawning divide”
Falcon Feathers “River Song”
Midwife “Liar”
winterlight “Stretch out and away go”
A home.A Heart. Whatever “Hard in me”
Echo Ladies “Nothing ever last”
Nadia Struiwigh “Beyond sight”