Thursday the new Friday, 22/03/19

Thursday the new Friday, 22/03/18, playlist:

Son Lux “Slowly”

Wye Oak “It was not natural”

Dungen & Woods “Turn around”

God is an astronaut “Epitaph”

Undiscovered “Dele”

The Volume Settings Folder “Currents”

The Workhouse “The sky still looks the same”

The Arctic Flow “Daffodils”

Balmorhea “Sky could indress”

Esmerine “Snow day for Lhasa”

Patrick Watson & Lhasa De Sela “Wooden Arms”

Lhasa De Sela “A fish on land”

Trevor Ransom “Vent”

Max Richter ” Luminous”

Robert Wyatt “Memories”

Neil Halstead “Digging Shelters”

Ian Felice “Water Street”

Janis Ian “She must be beautiful ”

Yours are the only ears “Seeds”

The widest smiling places “In my blood ghoasts are swimming”

Immigrant “Roand the houses”

Mind over mirrors “Zeitgebers”

The Laissez Fairs “Never come back”