Scaletta Panopticon del 19 novembre su

Pearl Jam – release (concerto Roma 12/11/1996)

Soundgarden – Searching with my good eyes closed – (live seattle 1992)

Chris Cornell – Can’t change me (versione in lingua francese)

Temple of the dog – Times of trouble (s/t)

Lea Porcelain – Warsaw street

The Wytches – Can’t face it

Deap Vally – Royal Jelly

35007 – Powertruth

Causa Sui – The source

Colour Haze – Mountain

Cloudland Canyon – An Arabesque

The Soft Moon ft. Ancient Methods – Being

Suuns + Jerusalem in my heart – 2amout l7tirakan

Beyond the Wizard Sleeve – The soft bounce

Cavern of anti-Matter – I’m the unknown

Ulrika Spasek + Cavern of anti-matter – Porcelain

Parquet Courts – Vow of silence

Chasms – Intimacy

Planning for burial – Tiny Frame (demo version)

Have a nice life – Bloodhail

Lou Barlow – Anniversary Song

Radiohead – Creep (versione acustica)