Scaletta e Podcast Mercoledì Morning 17-4-2019

Trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari
Dowdelin “ka fwo bit”
Ibibio sound machine “she work very hard”
lcd soundsystem “all I want”
Beck “saw lightning”
The beatles “happiness is a warm gun”
Oasis “supersonic”
My bloody valentine “when you sleep”
cherry glazer “stupid fish”
Fun lovin criminals “daylight”
Happy Mondays “step on”
Joy division “transmission”
Temple of the dog “hunger strike”
Sigur ros “hoppipolla”
Tom waits “big in japan”
King crimson “in the wake of Poseidon”
The cure “close to me”
Lou reed “lady day”
Sonic youth “disappearer”
Thin white rope “not you fault”