Scaletta e Podcast Puzzle 9-9-2019

Trasmissione di noise, psichedelia, post punk elettronica condotta da Gianluca Polverari

!!! “domino”
Happy Mondays “bob’s yer uncle”
The shamen “ebeneezer goode”
Renegade soundwave “probably a robbery”
The rapture “sister savior”
black midi “near dt”
Black midi “ducter”
Couch “acht”
Kante “ituri”
Ideal “spion”
Exploded View “gone tomorrow”
HTRK “I’m all broke up”
Htrk “dream symbol”
This mortal coil “waves become wings”
Aya Metwalli “lugere”
Pharmakon “spit it out”
Iggy pop “sonali”
Jambinai ???? “small consolation”
Paradise lost “so much is lost