Scaletta e Podcast Puzzle 7-10-2019

Trasmissione di noise, psichedelia, post punk elettronica condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Mnemotechnic alpinist”
Fly pan am “bleeding decay”
L’épée “lou”
Malaria! “you you”

Intervista a Julia draganovic per Tutto casher a Villa Massimo – di Sonja Alhäuser a cura di Micol Di Veroli

Gudrun gut “lover (t.raumschnmiere remix)
Angelina yershova “tumbleweed”
Esya “nothing”
Savages “husbands”
Nots “floating hand”
Park jiha “thunder shower”
Sirom “low probability of a hug”
Trupa trupa “longing”
Javva “kua fu”
Foals “black bull”
The murder capital “feeling fades”
The murder capital “on twisted ground”
Nick cave & the bad seeds “spinning song”
New model army “the weather”
Giovanni succi “cabrio”