Scaletta e Podcast Puzzle 6-9-2017

trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari

And “corrugated windows”
Ifriqyya electrique “lavo baba marzug”
Eric random & the bedlamites “subliminal seduction”
Alva noto “module 7”
Dusseldorf “goddess of war”
Das moon “the kill”
Stereotaxic device “hunting the hunted”
Miriam “always in danger”
Miriam “evidence”
Clan of xymox “stranger”
Monowelt “angst”
Xmal deutchland “mondlicht”
Every new dead ghost “ascension”
Lacolpa “soil”
Nenia “lamenti”
Black fluo “whest ghost”
Gold class “get yours”
Lcd soundsystem “how do you sleep?”