Scaletta e Podcast Puzzle 15-7-2019

Trasmissione di noise, psichedelia, post punk elettronica condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Vive la void “blacktop”
Dirtmusic “bi de sen soyle”
Space aliens from outer space “propulsion”
Rod modell “reiki”
Silent servant “optimistic decay”
Test dept “information scare”
Killing joke “darkness before dawn”
Jambinai “sun ,tears, red”
Mono “after you comes the flood”
Prairie wwww “wu-hai”
Chui wan “silence”
Black mountain “wucan”
The brian Jonestown massacre “to sad too tell you”
American football “I can’t feel you”
Joan of arc “jin & platonic”
Storm & stress “the 2nd. Perpetuate the beautiful”
Battles “the yabba