Scaletta e Podcast MERCOLEDI’ MORNING del 31 gennaio 2018

Trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Co-pilgrim “you’ll look pretty as a picture”
RIDE “all I want”
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Official Page) “question of faith”
Depeche Mode “I feel you”
The Cure “faith”
George Michael “faith”
Garbage “no horses”
Patti Smith “horses”
Sex Pistols “pretty vacant”
Public Image Limited “annalisa”
The Velvet Underground “lady godiva’s operation”
Lou Reed “coney island baby”
Ought “these 3 things”
Autobahn “fallen”
???? “???-?? ???”
Roger Waters “smell the roses”
Pink Floyd “atom heart mother suite”
Death And Vanilla “zy and choule”
Christa Bell “planet wide”
Massive Attack “protection”
Hanne Hukkelberg “raindrops”
Noga Erez “global fear”
SEXTILE “sterilized”
Kedr livanskiy “acdc”
Burial “rodent”
The Soft Moon “burn”