Scaletta e Podcast Mercoledì Morning 6-12-2017

Trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Joe volk ”the walker”
Cymbals “decay”
Arcade fire “wake up”
Morrissey “in your lap”
Dépêche mode “black celebration
Jesus and mary chain “darklands”
The horrors “something to remember by”
Garbo “radioclima”
Alberto camerini “maccheroni elettronici”
Cobol pongide “vita da spaziale”
Ozric tentacles “tidal converge”
Gong “radio gnome invisible”
Com truise “ternary”
Hanne hukkelberg “irl”
Fever ray “when i gow up”
Xenoula “caramello”
Noga erez “noisy”
Deerhoof “slow motion detonation”
Frankie goes to Hollywood “relax”
Ulver “capitel”
Isan “glass bird movement”
Pink Floyd “time”
Billie holiday “god bless the child”
Om “thebes”
mike oldfield “crises”
Cocteau twins & Harold budd “memory gongs”
Hiroshi yoshimura “water copy”