Scaletta e Podcast Mercoledì Morning 3-01-2018

Trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Jeff tweedy “laminated cat”
King krule “cadet limbo”
Ana of the north “moving on”
Xenoula “caramello”
St Vincent “sugarboy”
Asaf avidan “my old pain”
David bowie “changes”
Daniele coccia paifelman “mantice”
Fitness forever “tonight”
Elio e le storie tese “discomusic”
Bob moses “tearing me up”
Sisters of mercy “temple of love” (per Claudio)
Calm’n’chaos “this light”
Editors “all sparks”
Style sindrome “angel”
Winter severity index “blue bird”
Dead can dance “children of the sun”
Kate bush “and so is love”
Peter Gabriel “no self control”
Afriqua “aleph”
Heliocentrics “time
Lcd soundsystem “tonite”
Denseland “alchemy”
The posies “squirrel vs snake”
Pumarosa “the witch”
Belau “open water”
Das moon “the kill”
swayzak “blu farm”