Scaletta e Podcast Mercoledì Morning 12-7-2017

Trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Manchester orchestra “the gold”
Fleet foxes “naiads, cassadies”
Wooden shjips “clouds over earthquake”
The black angels “currency”
The telescopes “down on me”
!!! “five companies”
Lcd soundsystem “watch the tapes”
David bowie “fame”
Archive “silent”
Anna of the north “lovers”
The horrors “machine”
Veil of light “soft palate”
Loop “vapour”
Dead kennedys “holiday in Cambodia”
Gaznevada “Japanese girl”
Battles “ddiamondd”
John carpenter & alan howarth “1997 fuga da new york”
Killing joke “in cythera”

Intervista ad alessandro cialli per “periferica”
Zion train “dub power”

Teatro degli orrori “alt”
Oliver onions “lo chiamavano trinità”
Radio birdman “new race”
Tool “forthy six & 2”
x-japan “blue blood”
focus “Sylvia”
led zeppelin “Immigrant song”
the doors “break on through”
depeche mode “just can’t get enough”