scaletta e podcast Elephant Talk 31-03-18

contenitore di musica dalla A alla Zappa

motorpsycho                 wishing well

led zeppellin                  hot dog

chuck berry                    johnny b goode

peggy lee                         fever

god machine                  boy by the roadside

sinead o’connor             jacky

sinead o’connor             mandinka

polvo every                     holy shroud

june of 44                        june leaf

shipping news                the march song

madelaine peyroux       martha,my dear

specialino Talk Talk, 10 anni di carriera da non dimenticare:

talk talk                           talk talk

talk talk                           dum dum girl

talk talk                           i don’t believe in you

talk talk                           i believe in you

talk talk                           ascension day


beth gibbons & rustin man        sand river

robert wyatt                                   memories

robert wyatt & julie tippetts       mind of a child

pinback                                           concrete seconds

elliot smith