Scaletta e Podcast Blue Monday 3-4-2017

Trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Bjorn Magnusson “tv lights”
Television “see no evil”
Jens lekman “postcard #17”
Kings of convenience “little kids”
Slowdive “sugar for the pill”
Pure bathing culture “pray fir rain”
Cocteau twins “oil of angels”
Jesus and mary chain “two of us”
The black angels “currency”
Pontiak “dirtbags”
Woods “love is love”
British sea power “international space station”
Pulp “common people”
The fall “psykick dance hall”
Bonemen of barumba “don’t tell”

Intervista e live set a rca “tedio”
Tedio “blue changes”
Tedio “about you” live a rca
Tedio “ghetto” live a rca
Tedio “satellite”

Exercise one “verlooka”
Goldfrapp “Become the one”
Billions of comrades “torche”
Josy & the pony vs the poneymen “let’s beer? Ok pony”
Owun “frost”
La feline “Gianni”
Tone dogs “Salvatore”
Lifetones “for a reason”