Scaletta e Podcast Blue Monday 24-7-2017

Trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Cymbals “decay”
War on drugs “red eyes”
Japanese breakfast “diving woman”
Jesus and mary chain “happy when it rains”
Big country “steeltown”
Test dept & south wales striking miners “comrades in arms”
Test dept “fuel to fight”
Billy bragg “the sleep of reason”

(Spazio dark wave a cura di Roberta Barchiesi)
Corpus delicti “saraband”
Message “derniere nuit”
Tropic of cancer “be brave”
Neon “dark age”

Fra lippo lippi “in silence”
Cigarettes after sex “each time you fall in love”
Wire “diamonds in cups”
Margaret catcher “zouki zouki”
Ride “all I want”
Kurt vile “pretty pumpin”
Courtney Barnett “how to boil an egg”
Black peaches “double top”
Swervedriver “everso”
Ami marie “verrukt nack gluck”
Selffish “as the leave fall”
Warpaint “today dear”
Goat “temple rhythms”
Facteur cheval “adieu l’organique”