Scaletta e Podcast Blue Monday 21-8-2017

Trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Tanika Charles “soul run”
Adele “rumour has it”
Nicole atkins “a little crazy”
Anna calvi “desire”
La feline “le royaume”
Radiohead “nude”
Scogli di zinco “le cime”
The poison arrows “that window is closed”
Big country “porroh man” (live the tube)
Wall of voodoo “on interstate 15”
Stewart Copeland & stan Ridgway “don’t box me in”
Do make say think “do”
Solkyiri “sad boys”
The valium “communication”
Usual “just feel alright”
Supergrass “alright”
The hives “tick tick boom”
The cubical “I want money”
Rolling stones “start me up”
Tim darcy “tall glass of water”
The strokes “reptilia”
Prettiest eyes “get away”
Royal trux “esso dame”
Naomi punk “carniceria”
Every new dead ghost “mother night”
Creaming jesus “reptile”
Christian death “spiritual cramp”
To rococo rot “he loves me”
Kreidler “cannibal”
New order “plastic”
Com truise “isostasy”
dbfc “disco coco”
gary numan “cars”
Japanese breakfast “machinist”
Das moon “owl”