Scaletta e Podcast Blue Monday 15-1-2018

Trasmissione condotta da Gianluca Polverari

Warpaint “whiteout”koyo “the beauty in loneliness”
Koyo “te beauty in loneliness”
A perfect circle “disillusioned”
Franz Ferdinand “feel the love go”
Lcd soundsystem “tonite”
John maus “touchdown”
Dépêche mode “everything counts”
The empire line ”fast forward”

Intervista a “Francesco fiore” per “Esperanto fest”
Med free orkestra “bulkanian”
il parto delle nuvole pesanti “vento di scirocco”

fabrizio de andrè “nancy”
afterhours feat, carmen consoli “ bianca”
dish-is-nein “l’ultima notte”
public image limited “flowers of romance”
public image limited “under the house”
captain beefheart “moonlight in Vermont”
black rebel motorcycle club “haunt”
hookworms “static resistance”
django django “in your beat”
bear in heaven “world of freakout”
the cardigans “erase & rewind”
xymox “imagination”
dee-lite “runaway”
out hud “the song so good they named it thrice”
the xx “dangerous”
mouse on mars “juju”
mouse on mars “twift shoeblade”
nova nova “aleph”
Gagarin “thetan”
Sextile “ripped”
Simple minds “I travel
The soft moon “burn”