Scaletta e Podcast Blue Monday 12-12-2016


The paper kites “bloom”
Afterhours “se io fossi il giuduce”
The zen circus “l’anima non conta”
David bazan “happy xmas”
Foxygen “mrs.adams”

Intervista “project-to”
Project-to “look further”

Austra “future politics”
Katie stelmanis “join us”
Chromatics “I want your love”
Jenny lee “boom boom”
Warpaint “the stall”
Jennie lee “boom boom”
Dépêche mode “it’s called a heart”
Ride “mouse trap”
Raime “dead heat”
Clan of xymox “louise”
Sisters of mercy “no time to cry”
Klimt 1918 “la notte”
The horrors “in and out of sight”
Nicolas jaar “sirens”
Daniele silvestri “salirò”
Bob moses “tearing me up”
Radiohead “identikit”
Bloc party “team a”