POGOPOP 03 Dic 2017

Green Day Nice Guys Finish Last

Julie and the Wrong Guys  Love and Leaving

The Offspring – Session

Bad Nerves – Dreaming

Blondie – Call Me

Blondie – Gravity

Bikini Kill – Feels Blind

Biznaga – Mediocridad y Confort

Dropkick Murphys – For Boston

Dead Pretties – Confidence

Blur – On Your Own

Dude York – Love IS

Cake – I Will Survive

Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

Belle and Sebastian – Piazza, New York catcher

White Stripes – Hotel Yorba

Tracy Bryant – I’m Not There

Sophia – The River Song

INVSN – I Dreamt Music

Japandroids – Fire in the Western World

Lo Stato Sociale – Abbiamo Vinto la Guerra

OASIS – The Importance of Being an Idle

Darlia – Ballad of Black and White

Kula Shaker – Hush

Demob Happy – Dead Dreamers

The Interrupters – Take Back the Power

The Distillers – Drain the Blood

Ramones Chines Rock