Playlist Panopticon 26 novembre

Tunguska – Knives

The Love Thieves – Clomipramine

Soviet Soviet – Pantomime

Date at Midnight – Beautiful Lie

Violacida – Canzone della sera

Violacida – Monte Blu

Circolo Lehmaan . Marlene

Jarman – Ligh in August

Big Mountain County – Conflict Resolution

Jesus Franco and the drogas – 6025

Spectres – Where flies sleep

Girl Band – Fuck Butter

The Men – Violate

The Sweet release of death – Smutek

The IlY’s – Doing things that artist do

Oneida – The River

Marching Chruch – Up for days

Ital Tek – Beyond Sight

Aris Kindt – Floods

Pantha du Prince -Dream awake yourself