Playlist e podcast di Lunch Time – cosa gira sul piatto del 18 Settembre 2017

Trasmissione condotta da Santigna

Tricky – The only way
Massive Attack – A prayer for England
Madonna – Paradise (not for me)
Kylie Minogue – Dit it again
Nick Cave & P. J. Harvey – Henry Lee
Nick Cave – The weeping song
The Handsome family – Far from any road
Calexico – Stray
Ruth – Polaroid/Roman/Photo
The Sound defects – Angels
Chinese Man – Miss Chang
Air – How does It make You feel
Daft Punk – Something about us
Galaxy – Interstella 999
Terroni Uniti – Simm’ tutti Sioux
Speaker Cenzou – Il bambino cattivo
Fabrizio De andrè – Fiume Sand Creek