Lunch Time in Heavy del 29-08-2017

Paul Gilbert – Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal
Ivory Elephant – Ballad of Wild Bill
Puppy – Entombed
Leprous – Bonneville
ORk – Dirty Rain
Valerian Swing – Four Horses
Kynesis – Risveglio
Ovo – March of the Freaks
Zeal and Ardor – Devil is Fine
Shores of Null – Tide Against Us
Ufomammut – Warsheep
No More Fear – Lady Ndrangheta
Sawthis – This String is for Your Neck
Soen – Sectarian
At the Drive-In – Incurably Innocent
Greenleaf – A Million Fireflies
Adimiron – The Sentinel
John Carpenter – In the Mouth of Madness
Royal Blood – Hook, Line and Sinker
Yuri Gagarin – Cluster of Minds