Lunch Time in Heavy con Vincenzo Presutti del 30-11-2016

Aquefrigide – Vipere
Medusa in my Knickers – Lucifer in Vegas
Dope Stars Inc – Dressed Inside your Fear
Death Valley High – Play Dead
Giraffe Tongue Orchestra – Crucifixion
Soundgarden – Let me Drown
Ghost – Square Hammer
The Pretty Reckless – Oh my God
Black Label Society
Bachi da Pietra – Habemus Baco
Obake – Serving the Alibi
Katatonia – Shifts
Lugnet – Sails
Bombus – Repeat Until Death
Kvelertak – 1985
There Will be Blood – Blind Wandering
There Will be Blood – Undertow
Klee Project – Southern Boy
Mr Bison – Wisker Jack
Meet the Wolf – Running for Nothing