Scaletta e podcast Il Matinée di Doctor Wood – 16.01.2018

Trasmissione condotta da Marco Bosco

the cranberries – animal instinct
ani difranco – dithering
supertramp – child of vision
slowdive – falling ashes
das moon – gold
gentle giant – aspirations
prince – the cross
the modern lovers – pablo picasso
tom waits – hoist that rag
cesare malfatti – ricordo
lorenzo lambiase – lupi e vergini
damien jurado – visions of us on the land
gusgus – polyesterday
shocking blue – love buzz
sir rick bowman – otis
deelay – opening
deelay – awaken
deelay – duality
deelay – astral projection
deelay – apocalypse in three steps
intervista a dario esposito (deelay)
deelay – deelay
david crosby – capitol
tori amos – bang
state liquor store – sad tale lost in time
state liquor store – sleeping close to you
sofa king – so young
umaan – una sola veste
neuromant – emptiness
valentina valeri & band – ways to destruction
cavern of anti-matter – hi hats bring the hiss