Heavy Days del 6-02-2018

Lance Lopez – The Real Deal
Supersonic Blues Machine – I am Done Missing You
The Picturebooks – I need that Oooh
Royal Thunder – Burning Tree
Stone Temple Pilots – Roll me Under
Ninet Tayeb – Superstar
A Perfect Circle – TalkTalk
Night Verses – Copper Wasp
OTU – Ali
Arto – On Suicide
Arto – Trauma
Ghost – Spirit
Legend of the Seagullmen – Legend of the Seagullmen
JunkFood – Days are Numbered
Super Trutux / Bologna Violenta – Quinto Movimento
Moonspell – HandMadeGod
The Devils – White Collar Wolf
Death From Above – Nomad
Gary Numan – My Name is Ruin
Turn me on Dead Man – Master Planet Mother Star Secret Moon
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Melody Lane
At the Drive in – Amid Ethics