HEAVY DAYS del 14-05-2019

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown – On to the Next
Saint Agnes – Move like a Ghost
Whitesnake – Good to see you again
Vokonis – I Hear the Siren
Fu Manchu – Urethane
Desert Sessions – Dead in Love
Desert Sessions – I Wanna Make it wit chu
The Chasing Monster – The Great Climb
Blackwater Holylight – Sunrise
Alien Weaponry – Ahi Ka
The Price – Stormy Weather
Port Noir – Old Fashioned
Lags – What it Takes
Tool – The Grudge
Possessed – No More Room in Hell
Kaelan Mikla – Naeturblom
Hapax – Shining Lover
Hate Moss – Funerale
Greenleaf – Let it Out
The Pilgrim – Peace of Mind